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Multiple security projects.
1 common cause.
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Our Mission

Shield Protocol unifies a number of reputable security projects specialising in KYC, Contract Auditing, Wallet Screening, and Token Distribution to provide the crypto community with the most in-depth, multi-faceted process for new and existing tokens to prove their legitimacy to investors.

The 4 Key Pillars of Security


Contract Audit

Wallet Screening

Token Distribution

Whitepaper v1.1

Updated 02/26/2022

Product Guide v1.1

Updated 02/26/2022


Total supply


Token Distribution

Locked (30%)


Color Legend

Reflections Dev Team Contract Auditor Security Partners Product Development Marketing


Buy Tax


Sell Tax

Dynamic Sales Tax

Starting at week 1, your sales tax is 16%.

Each week, it drops by 1% until week 6, where it stays at 10% until sold.

Here is what that looks like:

initial buy

16% sales tax

1 week later

15% sales tax

2 weeks later

14% sales tax

3 weeks later

13% sales tax

4 weeks later

12% sales tax

5 weeks later

11% sales tax

6 weeks later

10% sales tax


Phase 1

  • Telegram to 500 Members
  • Product guide launched
  • Security project partnerships
  • Doxx/first live AMA
  • Begin marketing
  • Contract finished

Phase 2

  • Announce security partners
  • Contract audit
  • ID verification
  • Wallet screening
  • File for LLC

Phase 3

  • Telegram to 1500 Members
  • Fair launch
  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing

Phase 4

  • Release Shield Database
  • Onboard first token
  • Live AMAs w/ partners
  • Live AMAs w/ Onboard Tokens
  • Mass marketing

Phase 5

  • Release Shield Swap
  • Release Shield info hub
  • Release Shield community area


Meet the team

Jakub Donovan

Jakub Donovan

Founder | CEO

Nick Jenkins

Nick Jenkins

Designer | Branding